Friday, 2 August 2013

Fields of stars

Last weekend I completed another first - my first set of night flights. For me, coming from a background of gliding which is done entirely on nice days in the daytime (hopefully!) this was entirely new. I had three trips:

  • A night orientation, where we flew around Hamilton and the local area to get the hang of the night flying technique.
  • A night circuits dual lesson.
  • A solo night circuits flight.

The night technique isn't that different from the day one, but it's far easier to fall into the traps of the many illusions that flying has to offer. I won't go in to it any more, I doubt it's that exciting!

I really enjoyed flying at night. The big towns stand out like orange-coloured pools of light, and the dark areas around them look like they could easily be the sea. Flying towards a town it's easy to convince yourself you're flying back over the coast to land. In between the towns are individual houses and cars that look a lot like stars. When you're flying towards a sparsely populated area you can only see a field of white dots with no horizon, and it's just like flying amongst the stars.

Mushy description over. Sadly, I didn't get any photos - I was busy flying, and loving it.

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